II Training formativo Elist (Atene, 15-19 febbraio) – Aperte le iscrizioni



Transnational Training II within “Elist – European Learning Innovation for Sustainable Training” context  is a 5 days Capacity Building/Mentoring Course, where 70 participants, from 7 countries, will have the opportunity to improve their entrepreneurial attitudes/behaviors, knowledge, skills and build innovation capabilities in order to have a positive impact on local development in a sustainable way, considering the environment, the economy and the social context of their communities.

This training is asset-based and focuses on the sustainability and the development of a dynamic and growth generating entrepreneurial ecosystem in the agricultural sector, in which multiple stakeholders play a role in facilitating entrepreneurship at international, national, regional and local levels.

Youth Trainers acting as Mentors and young entrepreneurs acting as Mentees, are welcome to participate as they can learn from each other and create mutually beneficial and self-sustaining relationships generating jobs, and fostering innovation and poverty reduction through the empowerment of marginalized members of the agricultural community.

The sessions will be mixed, formal, non-formal and practical. Special emphasis will be placed on experiential and peer-learning.



The primary aim of this training is:

  1. to provide an overview for a systemic approach to capacity building in entrepreneurship which will facilitate mentors to inspire and enable individuals to start and to grow entrepreneurial ventures in the agricultural sector, and
  2. to enhance the competences of young entrepreneurs, living in rural areas, to take active participation in the development of their local communities and in the change towards a more sustainable society.



The training course will take place in a suburb of Athens – Greece, near the southern coast.

Arrival day of participants: Monday 15th of February 2016

Departure day of participants: Friday 19th of February 2016


Participants will be hosted in London Hotel, Athens and will be sharing rooms in groups of 2





Apply if you are:

– Curious to explore and implement the idea of entrepreneurial capacity building in a rural area of your country;

– Motivated to learn new tools, methods and ideas to be used in the empowerment of aspiring or existing entrepreneurs of your community;

– Interested in the improvement of entrepreneurial behaviors, knowledge, skills and innovation capabilities of individuals in rural areas of your country;

– Ready to actively participate in the whole training and to contribute;

– Able to work and communicate in English;

– Able to use the acquired skills in future activities.


This course is for participants from:

Italy, Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Turkey.



This project has been funded with the support of the Erasmus+ Program for participants from: Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Turkey.

Travel 275€
Subsistence (accommodation and food) 275€


Accommodation and food:

London Hotel, Glyfada, Athens, accommodation in double rooms, breakfast and 1 meal included:

€ 36/day


Participants have to collect all related tickets (including boarding passes) for their travel from and to their country.

Austria: E.N.T.E.R. GMBH

Bulgaria: Association Generations


Italy: Gal fiord’olivi

Portugal: ALDEIA LUSOFONA – Associação para o desenvolvimento intercomunitario

Spain: Fundacion Docete Omnes

Turkey: Trakya University

The details of payment will be specify in the single contract signed by the participant and the sending organization of his/her country:



This training course will be delivered as step of designing and testing of a curriculum for Entrepreneur of sustainable development that a consortium of 7 partners is implementing in an Erasmus + Project – KA 2 for adult education, coordinated by GAL Fior d’olivi (IT)

The training days are organized in 3 sessions:

  1. Formal presentation of the topic
  2. Good practice presentation/Testimonial
  3. Open questions

The topics of the training will be:

  • Capacity Building and Learning: individual, organizational and social
  • Design long-term strategies for capacity building and implementation challenges
  • Identification of needs & opportunities at individual, community, and regional level
  • Trainees’ empowerment
  • Stakeholder engagement for community empowerment



Application form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1wy4NQzzkx_deZwcqV7HptQWWI9bRJLQYeUV6wIU65nQ/viewform to be completed before 31st of December 2015.

In case of any questions, please contact us at  comunicazione@galnuovofiordolivi.it/oldsite.


More detailed information will be provided to the selected participants.